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Individual Showjumping Training


One thing all successful sports people have in common is an excellent coach or mentor. The reason they place such importance on training, is because they desire to be the best and crucially, to remain at the top. They understand that going it alone is simply not an option for them.

Few people are born with a natural talent. However, we all have the enthusiasm to improve and being an experienced trainer I will help you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Our sport is a tough one; so if you are dedicated enough to spend the time, energy and money on the sport you love, then look no further!

We all know that success in any equestrian discipline is determined by horse power, motivation, skillful instruction, nutrition and management of both horse and rider.

My approach to training is tailored to your current level of riding, with your set goal in mind. Being fully trained and having superb expertise; I will ensure a structured, professional approach to your training regardless of your current level.

I cater for all levels, from junior riders who are keen to perfect their jumping technique, senior riders aiming to improve all aspects of their riding,training and management , to the serious professionals striving to be the best in the world.

Training is available internationally at your premises for individuals or groups.

For more information and prices please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Individual Show Jump Training By Rob Hoekstra

Individual Show Jump Training By Rob Hoekstra