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Horse Finder Service


When you’re looking to buy a show jumper it’s easy to get lost among the endless lists of adverts promising the next jumping superstar. Why not use Rob Hoekstra's expertise and experience to find your perfect match.

Having worked in the equestrian world for many years, Rob offers you a horse finding service. Rob is often approached by experienced equestrians and new horse enthusiasts and asked for help when buying a new horse or training an existing horse. Over time he noticed that often people did not have access to further knowledge or an experienced opinion for buying their first horse or buying a horse for a new level/style of riding. On many occasions people have made poor choices when purchasing horses or making decisions about equine/rider training or both, leading to significant setbacks in time and money.

Rob can match people to horses by firstly getting to know you and your needs and then arranging for you to view suitable horses. His aim is to give you realistic options and advice that will allow you to make a well informed decision and continue to move towards your personal goals. Rob works with the novice rider right through to riders competing at Olympic level.

For more information about Rob's horse finder service please contact us.